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Elemental visualisations anchored in symbolism characterise my work. My artistic vocabulary emerges from a dedicated practice of deep observation and applying natural forms. My work is a creative examination of life and living, influenced by my local environment by the bay and cultural influences of Iran, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.


Drawing from the frameworks of compassion science, my artistic practice often suggests anthropomorphic projections. By attributing human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities, the work engages our inherent drivers of compassion which fosters a deeper connection and empathy towards the subject.


In our modern urban existence, we are increasingly disconnected from the natural world and losing our intellectual legacy. My artistic practice embraces a dialogic perspective with each subject, inviting a conversation of equals and a sense of contact and joy that comes from keen observation.

Select awards

2024        Best Wildlife Image, Queenscliff Art Prize
2023        Finalist, Nyland Art Prize, Kenney Art Foundation

2023        Finalist, Look Prize, Museum of Australian Photography

2023        Finalist, Omnia Art Prize

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